Hello everyone ,

My name is Jeff Radtke ,founder of the Lost Skills Podcast.The reason i started this podcast is i believe we all need to regain the skills that are lost in our consumer driven world.not that long ago most people were producers as well as consumers.Whether it was something that was made in the home workshop ,or was preserving the seasons harvest.Also if there was something that we wanted and couldn’t afford most people would go out to the home workshop and produce it,or at very least produce something that was very similar.We were tinkers , inventors, teachers, and dreamers.

It also wasn’t that long ago that most people had the skills to tackle any project that they wanted to do, whether it was building an engine or canning fresh fruits and vegetables out of their garden.If you had a project that you never had done before there was almost certainly some one that was either family or a friend that you could turn to to learn the skills you needed,or help you get the job done. Back then collective wisdom counted for a lot.

My vision for this podcast is to help you in your quest  to become more self reliant and more self sufficient.My goal in this podcast is to jump start your creativity and inspire you to get out and  build projects for yourself.

Come and join us as we try to go back to the days that people used to have home workshops and knew how to use them, and back to the days when there were do it yourself magazines like mechanix illustrated ,and popular mechanics actually had projects in them.

If you would like to suggest a show topic, do a guest post , or even just shoot the breeze , send me an e-mail at lostskillspodcast@gmail.com . I look foreword to hearing to you all .

Hope you enjoy the show ,




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  1. this is so crazy how far u have came along n i would always love to came u as my uncle radtke 😀 but man im glad that this is coming along good

  2. I’m an old VN vet with a lifetime of experience. I worry that all the things in my head will die with me. My children and grandchildren are all on their phones or computer games and seem oblivious to the dangerous world around them. I am prepped, but I’m also old. Thankfully, you’ve put together these videos that can be watched and teach. Thanks

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