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I just wanted to fill you in on one of our newest Lost Skills Podcast workshop supporters Aquanetics. They are a company that deals with advanced water filtration. Aquanetics has a large water filtration system that purifies large amounts of water ,which is a must during a disaster, or if you are spending time at your bug out camp. The Aquanetics solar hydro system is battery powered and solar rechargeable which is perfect for going off grid.  The Aquanetics purification system can purify water at about a gallon a minute and you can get about 30 to 45 gallons per charge from the unit.

Aquanetics has agreed to give the Lost Skills Podcast Workshop members an exclusive deal of   $200.00 OFF the purchase of a SOLAR HYDRO and FREE shipping to any lower 48 States. ($275.00 in savings) If you use this one benefit this will pay for your membership for years to come.

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today i talk about diy water filtration systems. these are things that you can build yourself in the event of an emergency or to use in an off the grid cabin .a also talk about berkey water filters,using iodine tablets and using bleach to purify water.being able to build a diy water filtration system is an important skill to have   when the water may be of questionable quality. water is the number on thing that a person can only live 3 days or so without it,so it is high in my priority list and it should be high on yours also.just some of my thoughts on the subject anyways……

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EPISODE-8 How to find water and build shelter in the woods

a few episodes ago i did a podcast on fire so continuing on with that todays topics are how to find water and building diffrent types of wilderness shelters . i talk about the diffrent ways to make shelters and the materials to build them.

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