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Todays episode is on the history channel show alone. I think Alone is one of the better shows out there right now .The premise is simple drop a bunch of survivalists off alone in the woods and see who is the last man standing. Totally alone in the wilderness filming yourself survivorman style is a great way to test your skills. I guarantee everyone on the show left learning something that they will carry along with them for the rest of their lives. Listen in today on some of my other thoughts on the show alone.

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 today is a continuation to episode-41 on wild edibles. i discuss some more wild edible plants you should know ,or at least be familiar with.i also want to say that this is just a general discussion on these plants to bring them to your attention and that if you want to start using them do your due diligence and research them your self or find a mentor to show you how to identify them.

i also want to mention that the old site’s feed will be no longer be updated and this is the one you will need to use from now on .the old site will be gone after april 27th .

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Hi everyone

 today i talk about wild edible plants you should know . they are commonly available plants and are native in most of the united states.i am going to do a part 2 at least in this series . the focus of this is yo let you know whats out there , just remember do the research yourself to learn more and remember be safe and have some fun foraging


episode 2

OK here’s episode 2 i know everyone was patiently waiting, LOL.

today’s show topics are:

planting trees

do it yourself rooting hormone

do it yourself weed killer

mulch vs. no mulch

mushroom hunting

and landscape borders

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