Hello everyone

today’s episode is on diy archery and rifle ranges. in today’s episode i talk about how i would go about building a diy archery and rifle range. i talk about my thoughts on the ways to set them up and the different ways you can set the targets up. i also talk about the rifle range a friend and i set up on my parents land.

also the winner of today’s contest is Amy Barker !!!!!!!!!!

if your bummed out that you didn’t win the prize you have another chance !!!!!!

all you have to do is send me an e mail @ jeff@lostskillspodcast.com and leave me your name and address and 5 new show topics . for each topic you suggest you get a entry to win the prize. there is only one prize so the more topics the more chances you have.here is a pic of the prize. the contest ends on 3/5/2013 ,good luck!!!!!!



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