Membership Levels

We are starting up a new membership program here at The Lost Skills Podcast. I am calling it The Lost Skills Podcast workshop.

This is a way you can help support the show to help keep the lights on here.  By signing up you help support the show at 25 bucks a year or roughly 49 cents an episode. So if you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as you like one of those fancy cups of coffee people have in the morning, please considering supporting the show.

Now we don’t want to just take your money and run so we have some things we are offering in our membership program. First i have lots of plans for building homemade machines out of common materials to help fill up your shop. So far the count on the plans is at about 175+, and they are all in downloadable PDF format. We are also going to be working to get discounts to various vendors in the prepping and survival industry to help you save money when you are buying your preps. I am also going to try to get some free e-books for you in here, and much much more.

So far we have secured discounts to the following company’s please check them out below :

Valley Food Storage   10% off of all products except Berkeys   10% off of all products       5 dollars off the year signup or 5 dollars off the 6 month term  10% off of all products  The Filter of Eden Garden Hose Filter. Lost Skills SPECIAL: Get 10% off the SALE price PLUS FREE Shipping!

Aquanetics $200.00 OFF the purchase of a SOLAR HYDRO and FREE shipping to any lower 48 States ($275.00 in savings)

Good for 10% off select products at . Does not include certain custom slingshots, sampler packs(already discounted), and ammo. Pretty much the whole store with a few exceptions.
20% off all items on their website when ordering.

AA Environmental Health and Safety

20% off all services on their site.

We hope to add many more in the future!

Thanks for supporting the show!

Level Price  
1 Year Membership $25.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
6 Month Membership $14.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
1 Month Membership $4.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Month.
Monthly membership (Recurring subscription) $4.00 per Month. Select
Yearly membership (Recurring subscription) $25.00 per Year. Select
6 Month membership (Recurring subscription) $14.00 every 6 Months. Select