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4 thoughts on “Listener contact form

  1. Wanted to say I think your podcast is pretty cool. Lots of interesting topics. Thanks. I just listened to your podcast on hunting rifles and wanted to mention that I have a friend is a gung ho prepper all the way. Like the scary type. Good guy though. Something he does that you didn’t mention was is actually loads is own shotgun shells and instead of a slug, he fills it with paraffin wax. We both worked in law enforcement and he tried testing it on ballistic gel and it completely obliterated it. tested over a .50 cal and 12 gauge steal slug. I’ll see if he still has the video. Cool stuff.
    Lastly if you could only have one rifle to hunt for squirrel up to deer, what would you get.

    • i think i would go with a 357 mag rifle , for the simple fact i could load it way down and use lead solid points for squirrel and i could load it hot and use a good hollow point on deer.also you can buy 357 shot shells and use them for squirrel also.

  2. I heard you having problems with video formats. I have use Handbrake with good results. It was/is free when I downloaded it.

    Sorry to hear you and your Dad had some health issues. Take care & keep up the good work.

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