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Postby LeeMorgan » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:56 pm

I assume weaponry means any book that involves firearms, the military or tactics. With that being said, here are some recommendations:

The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi
There is a lot of reasons that people recommend this book. At it's base level, it is a book about sword combat. But if you take this book into context, it could be a book about firearms, a book about business or as a life outlook. I have literally read this book like a dozen or more times, and each time I do, there is more and more that I get from it.

Out of my extensive collection of military books, there are four that I would recommend:

Surgical Speed Shooting - Andy Stanford
A book on the modern pistol craft (isosceles method as opposed to the Weaver stance)

The Tactical Advantage - Gabriel Suarez (Suarez Group)
A book on room clearing, home defence and how to go about operations in a MOUT (military operations urban terrain) environment. While it is from 1998, all the information is still valid.

FM 23-10: Sniper Training
I use this book mainly about long range shooting and the effects of environment on shooting at a distance.

U.S Army Ranger Handbook
Useful for rural manoeuvring, land navigation and how ambushes are planned.

There are no other books that I would really recommend for modern military and firearms training. In DVD format or on Youtube, stuff by Gabe Suarez, Tactical Response and Magpul is where I would start out. There is some really good stuff on Advanced Kalashnikov Training by Suarez that involves more than weapon manipulation such as 360 degree scanning and responding in all direction drills. Magpul has some stuff, but you will have to get past the marketing and take it for what it is.
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