Hello everyone!!

Todays episode is on ten cool YouTube channels i recommend. These are YouTube channels i watch all the time. I watch these channels on youtube every time they put out a new show. Some of these are bushcraft related. Some are diy related and some are business related. I hope you can all learn a little from at least one of these channels. Just to make it easier i put links for all the YouTube channels i talked about today below in the show notes.

Survival Lilly


Black Owl Outdoors


Chop With Chris


Cottage Life Diy 

El Director Vision

Gary Vaynerchuk


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Hello everyone.

today’s episode is on the new power hacksaw i bought as well as some other news & updates. well its not exactly new, its probably about 80-90 years old.  it is a really cool piece of old technology. and now it gets to reside in my workshop. below is a pic and a video of it working , and don’t forget to listen to the podcast !!


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