The Lost Skills Podcast is now accepting sponsors.

Our advertising program is a personal endorsement from me, so I reserve the right not to accept all advertisers. I also reserve the right to cancel my advertisers and and refund any money owed if I receive repeated reports of bad service or bad customer service. To put it simply if I couldn’t recommend your product or service to my mother, without feeling good about it, I am not going to endorse your product or service.

There will only be 10 slots available for sale at this time . The top slot will rotate from the top to the bottom once a week. Doing it this way ensures everyone gets equal exposure at the top spot for all advertisers.This system promotes an even pricing model for all advertisers, big or small.The sponsor will need to provide a banner ad in the size of 175 x175.

Also with a paid advertisement there will be two sponsors per show,mentioned in the beginning as “show sponsors” with a short explanation of why to visit our sponsors.This will also be on a rotational basis so there will be 2 sponsors per show .


12 months for $600 (only $50 a month)

6 months for $360 (only $60 a month)

3 months for $210 (only $70 a month)

To apply

Send a link to the site you want your banner to link to, a copy of the banner, the term you want to sign up for, your name, your company name, and your e-mail.

If you have any further questions send your e-mail to

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