Today’s episode is on ice fishing. This is a topic with many moving parts so the main focus will be on ice shacks. We are going to discuss different types of ice shacks from the types you buy to the type you build. Below are some pictures of the different types of ice shacks.

Homemade with skids

Homemade on wheels


sled type

tent type

Now this isn’t a all inclusive list by any means but it gets you a general understanding of some of the different types of ice shacks out there. Listen in to today’s episode to learn more about ice fishing and ice shacks.

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here is Matt making a little fun of me, enjoy!


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One thought on “EPISODE 262 ICE SHACKS

  1. I think that people should understand that being out on the middle of the ice while fishing is cold. If the wind is bad enough, you probably can’t be out there for more than 1-2 hours – which is why you need some sort of ice shelter.

    Also, if you insulate yourself from the floor with only small holes, when the ice hut starts to warm up, you won’t be creating a steam bath.

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