Today i talk about diy car care. I talk about not getting ripped off by the shop when you take your car in.

I talk about the benefits of having some basic knowledge which will help you tell the mechanic whats wrong so he can better diagnose the vehicle.

I mention the benefit of having a service manual even if you never plan on fixing your own vehicle. I talk about saving money by cross referencing manufacturer part numbers and buying aftermarket parts and fluids.

I talk about the benefits of owning an engine code scanner. There are benefits of being able to read your engine codes and have an indication of whats wrong before you take your vehicle to the shop. I give a recommendation of which type of code scanner i would buy which is Here. This one is the current one i use for all of my vehicles.

You can buy my old code scanner which does obd 1&2 Here.

Here are a couple of repair videos i made.


Also check out our friends at zulusurvival.com It is a newer survival site with well written articles on survival and preparedness written by Lee Morgan , a very active member of our community. I can say with all confidence Lee probably has the most researched articles around. He is an animal when it comes to research!!  Go check his site out !!

We also have Gardening in 2 minutes with Holly and Joey Baird from the Wisconsin vegetable gardener.com so please check them out !!

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