Sorry i haven’t had an episode out in a while guys, I had a lot going on around here and i didn’t have time to edit and upload podcasts like i wanted to. The bummer is now i am all caught up and now i am having technical issues with the site and i cant get it to let me upload more than 25% of a podcast.So i didnt want to let you go with out a podcast any longer so i am posting an old episode. This episode is originally episode 31. I know the audio is going to be crappy but like i said i cant upload anything so i cant even re edit the episode and re upload it. Anyway i hope you stick with me till i get this figured out and i hope you enjoy this podcast from my first year of podcasting.

Today i discuss how to inspect a gun when you are buying it and how to sight in a rifle . I discuss what to look for as far as finish of a rifle and things to check when looking over the mechanical parts .If you are ever in doubt a bout a rifle you should always refer to a gunsmith is you are not 100% sure on something .This is meant to be a guide to help you weed out the crappy firearms from the better ones . I also discuss how to sight in a rifle scope without a boresighter, which is becoming a lost art nowadays. I also discuss how to adjust open sights on a rifle .


Also check out our friends at zulusurvival.com It is a newer survival site with well written articles on survival and preparedness written by Lee Morgan , a very active member of our community. I can say with all confidence Lee probably has the most researched articles around. He is an animal when it comes to research!!  Go check his site out !!

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