Well, as i am writing this we are almost into the second day of wisconsin rifle season. This episode was supposed to be out on friday but i had issues uploading the episode. So why deer hunt? I go over some of the reasons why i deer hunt. I also talk about some of the reasons others deer hunt. To me it is a awesome time of the year that i can put everything down for a week and just go out and be by myself, collect my thoughts,and reset my self for the year. now if you listen to my other episodes you know i “rough it ” by no means but i very rarely get the time to hang out with my hunting buddies or just grab my rifle and go take a walk in the woods, that is why i deer hunt. If you want to hear more listen in to todays episode. Also you will notice some of the music is different today. If you want to watch the videos for the music you hear today check out the links below as played on the podcast.

Da Turdy Point Buck   

Da Yoopers- Second Week of Deer Camp  

Da Turdy Point Buck II (Da Sequel)

Here is a pic from one of my trail cams to set the mood for the show. This is one of this years photos i just realized i need to change the tate on my trail cam LOL!!!


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