Hello everyone,

Today’s episode is on how to start your own podcast.  Why start your own podcast you say ? That’s an easy one. I think everyone should have your own podcast to tell their story. everyone has a story . Also having a podcast can be an outlet for your passion. Everyone has something they love, some people have many things that they love like i do. I have Diy, survival , prepping and bushcraft. In today’s episode i tell you everything i use in producing this podcast . The best part is everything i share with you is almost free. The only thing i recommend is paying for the hosting!everything else i use is free.Hope you guys like this episode and if you have any questions please feel free to e mail me.

We now have a forum up and running!!!!! Please stop by and check it out , we don’t have a lot on there yet but we wanted to have a place where everyone can share their ideas on prepping and diy. Also please thank Steve for his hard work when you get there . You can visit the forum here http://lostskillspodcast.com/forum/ or by going to my site and looking for the forum page.

And as always i would like to hear your comments and suggestions so e-mail me at lostskillspodcast@gmail.com or jeff at lostskillspodcast.com . Stop by and visit my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/lostskillspodcast or comment on my web page. Also feel free to comment in the show notes. I hope you all like today’s show and thank you for listening,


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