Hi everyone,

Today’s episode is what i am going to call the 5 gallon bucket challenge. I challenge everyone that listens to make something out of a 5 gallon bucket and send in some pics and i will post them up on the site. Why a 5 gallon bucket challenge? First off they are cheap you can get a bucket and a lid for 5 bucks or under, a lot of times you can get them for free at restaurants. Second , They have many uses besides carrying water. Third, you can modify them with very cheap tools , so anyone can participate.

5 gallon bucket

To me a 5 gallon bucket is one of the most versatile things you can have. Preppers use them for long term storage. Homesteaders use them to haul feed and water to animals. Home mechanics use them for catching fluids and carrying scrap metal. You can also just use them as a chair. Gardeners can use them as pots and to carry water and fertilizer. The possibilities are endless.

So please join me in the 5 gallon bucket challenge and make a project. Also please share this around and hopefully we will have a huge number of submissions.

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