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Today’s show is my paleo update. I started the paleo lifestyle about two months ago and i have had some awesome results! Started out at 317 pounds before i did anything. It was a reflection of the crappy diet i was eating as the typical american. I currently weigh 285 after being on paleo for just over 2 months. You will hear me say a higher number for my end weight and that is because i recorded this podcast a little while ago so the number has changed. At work when people heard i was on a diet,which is a normal guy thing, but i love to shut them up by saying “how many diets do you know of where you get to eat bacon and eggs every morning?” I love to see the looks on their faces when i tell them that. As far as goals for the paleo diet go , i really don’t have one i just take everything one day at a time.

One thing you have to remember this is a lifestyle not a fad diet you have to leave your old way of thinking behind If you want to learn about my experiences on paleo check out today’s show.

We  also have a segment called Gardening in 2 minutes with Holly and Joey Baird from the Wisconsin vegetable gardener.com so please check them out !!

We now have a forum up and running!!!!! Please stop by and check it out , we don’t have a lot on there yet but we wanted to have a place where everyone can share their ideas on prepping and diy. Also please thank Steve for his hard work when you get there . You can visit the forum here http://lostskillspodcast.com/forum/ or by going to my site and looking for the forum page.

And as always i would like to hear your comments and suggestions so e-mail me at lostskillspodcast@gmail.com or jeff at lostskillspodcast.com . Stop by and visit my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/lostskillspodcast or comment on my web page. Also feel free to comment in the show notes. I hope you all like today’s show and thank you for listening,




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