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Today’s episode is on getting ready for spring, or at least that’s how it started. I guess a more proper title would have been how to check out your car after winter but i already named it so, oh well. Today i talk about checking your car out after a long winter. The things you should inspect after a lot of driving in the ice and snow, hitting potholes and and driving down  frost heaved roads. These are the things i look at on my car every spring and how to inspect them. They are things that anyone with a flashlight, some rags, a floor jack, and some jack stands can do regardless of your skill level.


We have a segment called Gardening in 2 minutes with Holly and Joey Baird from the Wisconsin vegetable gardener.com so please check them out !!

We now have a forum up and running!!!!! Please stop by and check it out , we don’t have a lot on there yet but we wanted to have a place where everyone can share their ideas on prepping and diy. Also please thank Steve for his hard work when you get there . You can visit the forum here http://lostskillspodcast.com/forum/ or by going to my site and looking for the forum page.

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