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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share some improvements to the site with you guys.

We now have a members area where you can get exclusive discounts to companies that support the show. In the members area we also have over 175+ downloadable pdf plans that you can use to build some really neat projects. These are old articles from magazines like Mechanics Illustrated, Popular mechanics and others. They are copyright free from the 50’s, and 60’s.They are back from when guys building things in their garage and workshops was normal everyday life. There is also going to be exclusive videos and podcast from me there as well. I am going to try to get some free E-books for you in there as soon as i can find some authors willing to participate in the members area.

The price for the members area is 35 dollars a year. This comes out to roughly 67 cents an episode. We also have 6 month and monthly options. You can sign up here .

If you don’t want to sign up online Email me at and i can set you up an account manually. I am also open to barter. just send me an Email and we should be able to work something out.

Next thing i want to talk about is the LSP store. we have two different types of store, an Amazon  A Store and the regular store.

First the lets talk about the A store. This is a place where you can find products that are recommended by me. They are products that i either own or have had positive feedback from people i know. all you have to do is go through the link on my store page and just buy what you would normally buy. It won’t cost any more to buy these things on our store than if you just went to amazon and bought them that way. If there is something you guys highly recommend let me know and we will get it up on there.

Next lets talk about the regular LSP store. The LSP store is a place where we are selling some products to help support the show. The inventory will change here periodically depending on what we have available. These are products we offer in limited quantity to see what we want to have here on a permanent basis.

So far we have a  complete vegetable garden kit, which has everything a first time gardener needs. We also have a Survivalist’s Seed Cache which has over 30,000 heirloom seeds in Mylar bags stored in a ammo can.

We plan on adding some other products as we can find sourcing for them or time to make them.I have plans to start producing fire starting kits and char cloth and sell them on the site as well . Like i said these are limited in quantity so get them while they last and help support the show.

The last way you can help support the show is to go to the site and go to the right hand column and use the Amazon affiliate link when you are doing your regular shopping on amazon . It wont cost you a dime and its just another way to support the show. you could click here as well. any little bit helps support what we do here.

Well i guess i am done pimping my stuff now LOL !! I just wanted to let you guys know what i have been busy with lately. Thanks for listening to the show!!!! As well as putting up with my shameless promotions!





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