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today’s episode is titled what is wrong with society today. and by whats wrong i mean the fact that we are loosing some of the skills that made America great . i have always realized this but it was really made evident to me when i was watching hell on wheels. it is a tv show about the race to build the first transcontinental rail road across the United States. now i know its just a tv show but it dies depict some of the very harsh conditions that the people building it endured. while watching it i thought that there is no way  you could get anyone to do that nowadays. but anyway if you haven’t seen it i do recommend watching it. now today’s podcast is a little about that and allot about most peoples reluctance to do things for themselves, they want to do it the easy way and pay someone to build or repair their things, or they want to replace it with something new . the whole premise of my show is on resisting doing that  so i hope you enjoy today’s episode.

also i have been busy lately and have not had time to record and edit episodes lately but rest assured the podcast isn’t going anywhere.if you have any ideas for show topics send them to the email below , they are always appreciated .


And as always i would like to hear your comments and suggestions so e-mail me at lostskillspodcast@gmail.com or jeff@lostskillspodcast.com . also visit my face book page  http://www.facebook.com/#!/lostskillspodcast or comment  on my web page. also feel free to comment in the show notes. i hope you all like today’s show and  thank you for listening


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