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Todays episode is on improvised weapons. i am a little late on this weeks episode but i will continue to put out an episode every week. hope you all like it


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  1. I think that if you are talking about improvised weapons, the rabbit stick / club / baton is a excellent choice. It can be used in both a melee sense and thrown. If you carried more than one, you would have a back up weapon / throwing device. In the book “The Soul Of The Sword” (which talks about the arms race from prehistory to current times and is a worth white read) the advent of the club was directly linked with the evolution of armour in the form of the helmet, since the skull is a particularly soft spot of the human anatomy.

    I would also say that the stabbing spear used by early man and neanderthals is also a quite effective as both a tool and a weapon. It can be used as a walking stick and then either thrown or jabbed into game. I read somewhere that the ones that have been discovered were made from a softer wood like spruce, which would splinter on impact. I would have though that hardwood would be the material of choice. I am not sure if early man or neanderthal fire-hardened the tip because of this splintering effect, or if they carried a throwing spear and a stabbing spear.

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