Hello everyone,

today’s episode is going to be a review of a hi-point firearms pistol in .40 s&w. i have recently purchased this pistol and find that all the gun snobs were wrong , i loved it !!!! it wont win any beauty contests but it is a very well built firearm. i have shot 500 rounds through it and was pleasantly surprised with the results. no major problems , no magazine problems or any of the other things that are out there about it on the internet.its it a concealed carry friendly gun? not really but i know there are people out there that do it.maybe if you had a fanny pack or a purse and use the 9 mm it would work but i think the 40 s&w and the 45 acp are just a little to heavy. but i do believe its a really good beginners pistol. so if you are just getting into shooting look at hi-point firearms for your first handgun purchase.

also i do need to say i was not compensated by hi- point firearms in anyway. these are my honest opinions. and even if i was given something to review, if its crap i will tell you its crap. it is just one if my beliefs that you all deserve the truth, and the truth is what you will get from me.


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