Hi everyone,

today’s episode is no cheap generators . i talk about the cheap generators from harbor freight and also how to build your own from parts you might have laying around or that you can cheaply  acquire from craigslist or various other places. these are just some of my thoughts on the subject that were rattling around my brains when i recorded the show , so i hope you enjoy it today. i managed to get out 2 shows this week and if i get more topics i will try to produce 2 shows a week from now on so if you have any topics email me @ jeff@lostskillspodcast.com and put in the subject line “show topic” and it will be easyer for me to find them in my e-mail.

And as always i would  like to  hear your comments and suggestions so e=mail me at lostskillspodcast@gmail.com or jeff@lostskillspodcast.com . also visit my face book page  http://www.facebook.com/#!/lostskillspodcast or comment  on my web page. also feel free to comment in the show notes. i hope you all like today’s show and  thank you for listening


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